Baby Announcement Gifts

Baby announcement GiftsAnnouncing the imminent arrival of a new baby can be very exciting for prospective parents, and sometimes blurting out "I'm pregnant" to family and friends just will not cut it. That's where clever or creative baby announcement gifts come to the fore!

Homemade Baby Announcement Cards

Just about everyone has access to a computer these days so designing and making your own baby announcement cards is quick and easy.

Some software, like Microsoft Publisher have templates ready for you to use. All you need to do is to open the program, select the template you like and add the relevant details to your cards. Then you can print as many or as few as you need.

Small Baby Stuff

One way to announce your pregnancy is to give small baby items to the new grandparents, (or friends and other family members) and then letting them work out why on earth you would be giving it to them!

Not only will you have fun watching the realisation as it dawns on them, but these announcements gifts are practical as well. Without doubt, the new grandparents will be dying to babysit as soon as possible so any of these gifts will be put to good use!

  • a baby dummy or pacifier with a nice ribbon tied in a bow
  • a set of baby bibs
  • a small baby toy, like a rattle or a teething ring
  • a baby bottle filled with lollies or chocolates
  • a kit for knitting a pair of booties or baby socks
  • a set of power point protector plugs or child proof catches for the kitchen cupboards

You might need to explain the last one a bit!

Other Announcement Gift Ideas

Not all announcement gifts have to be items for the baby. You can still get the message across with a gift for the adults instead of for the baby. Here are a few adult friendly baby announcement gift ideas for you:

  • a mug with 'Worlds Best Grandma' (or Nana, or Grandad etc) printed on it
  • Candy or lollies in baby related shapes (like dummy lollipops)
  • an ultrasound picture in a nice frame

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