Cheap Baby Gifts

Are you looking for cheap baby gifts? Bearing in mind that what you define as cheap is not necessarily the same for anyone else!

Baby Gift BasketAnd your definition will probably also depend on how well you know the prospective mother.

What you consider to be a cheap gift for a new grandchild will probably cost considerably more than a cheap gift for an acquaintance!

Gift Ideas under $10

If you are looking for a gift for less than $10.00 you are either in for some rather serious bargain hunting or you are going to do some value adding to the gift yourself.

If you can knit, sew or crochet or if you are 'crafty' you can buy a basic or plain baby item relatively cheaply and then decorate or personalise it.

For example you could buy a cheap muslim or cotton wrap and then crochet a fancy edging around it, or embroider flowers or something similar in one of the corners, or you could try one of these ideas:

Gift Ideas under $25

A higher budget (in this case $25.00) does make finding the perfect gift a bit easier. For under $25.00 it is possible to find some lovely gifts stores like Best and Less or Big W.

You could select newborn clothing, decorative wraps and blankets or baby toys. Or alternatively you could use your $25.00 for buy baby consumables and make up your own gift basket.

Some other gift ideas for under $25 include:

Gift Ideas under $50

Gift Ideas under $75

With a budget of $75.00 you could purchase a gift basket, or buy a complete outfit for the baby. You might also like to consider nursery bedding or baby equipment like a walker or a play mat complete with educational toys.

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