Cheap Baby Gift Basket

If you have a limited budget one of your options is to put together a cheap baby gift basket for the new arrival.

Where to Get Your Gift Basket Supplies

To put your basket together you are goind to need a few things, like:

  • a basket or some other container
  • decorations like ribbons, artificial flowers, cellophane etc
  • gift items for inside the basket

If you are not too brand conscious, I have found that by shopping at the local discount store (Cheaps as Chips, The Reject Store etc) I can get very good value for money. Even if you limit your purchases at this type of store to the non-gift items, you can save quite a bit of money.

For a gift basket I put together recently I managed to find my non-gift supplies at my local discounter relatively cheaply.

Small Basket $3.00
Roll of cellophane $1.00
Small roll of curling ribbon $2.00
Small roll of decorative ribbon $2.00
Packet of tissue paper $1.00

Total Cost So Far


Bear in mind that the costs in the list are what I paid at a particular store recently, that does not mean that you will be able to find these items at this price as prices will vary betweens stores and over time, and it pays to shop around!

Apart from the basket, which is single use, all of the other supplies can be used for more than one basket. So you can either put them away when you have made your cheap baby gift basket or you can share the cost with someone else who is preparing a gift for the baby.

Even though the baskets will look similar, you can make them unique by adding different gift items and applying your own decorating style to your basket.

Gift Item Ideas

Baby toiletries are always a good basket filler.

Again, your local discounter is probably a good place to start. But if you have a bit of time up your sleeve, you can also check out the baby isle in your local supermarket over several weeks and buy bits and pieces as they are on special.

Things to look for include, baby talc, baby oil, baby soap, shampoos etc.

Baby clothing is another option.

And it doesn't have to be the really expensive clothing items either. You can pick up sets of bibs, singlets or socks quite cheaply (again with the groceries) to add to your basket. Any of which could be arranged in your basket in the shape of flowers (making socks roses is quick and easy and they look very effective).

If you can knit, you might like to knit a pair of booties or a matinee jacket to put in your basket.

What about Baby Wraps, Blankets or Towels?

You can buy muslim or fleece wraps quite cheaply from stores like Big W or Best for Less. They quite often come in sets of three, so you can either use all three in your basket or put a couple away for the next time.

Alternatively you could make your own. All you really need to do is to buy a metre of fabric from your local fabric store and edge it with your trusty sewing machine. Basic wraps can be adorned with blanket binding or a crocheted edging. If you are able, you might also consider doing some embroidery on your wrap.

Small Toys are also great basket fillers for cheap baby gift baskets.

Rattles or teething rings are a good option and can be found in your local supermarket or discount store.

Other baby items like pacifiers, baby bottles, hair brushes, cultery, plates, or sippy cups are great fillers for cheap baby gift baskets. You could also add teething gel, baby panadol, baby wipes or a thermometer.

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