Cloth Diaper Fabric

Once you have a good pattern making cloth baby diapers (or nappies) is relatively easy. The hardest part really is finding suitable cloth diaper fabric to make them out of.

Cloth Diaper FabricsThe fabrics you need to find will depend on the type of nappy or diapers that you want to make. The old style cloth nappy is basically a square of nappy fabric that is folded into the nappy shape and then pinned onto the baby.

The usual fabrics for these nappies is either double sided towelling or nappy flannel. Both of which should be available in your local fabric store.

The more modern cloth nappies tend to be fitted and the outer layer may or may not be waterproofed.

Incorporating a waterproof layer in your homemade cloth diapers or nappies eliminates the need for nappy covers but does add to the cost of making your diapers.

Outer Layer Fabrics

If you can get it, PUL is a great choice for the outer layer of your cloth diapers.

PUL is a waterproof fabric that is available from specialist nappy fabric stores. This fabric has a soft clear coating of Polyurethane laminate that is applied to the back of fabric.

The resulting fabric is both waterproof and has a small amount of breathability, making it a perfect choice for nappy making.

But if you either can't find any PUL or you don't like the colour choices, you can use any cotton based fabric and achieve the same effect by adding an extra layer of waterproofing.

Inner Layer Fabrics

The inner layer of your cloth nappies should be made with a 'wicking' fabric. 'Wicking' means that the fabric will draw the moisture away from the babies skin. Wicking fabrics include:

  • microfleece
  • suede cloth or
  • fleece

If you prefer a natural fabric on the inside of the nappy, you can use flannel (flannelette) but bear in mind that this is an absorbent material and will not draw the moisture away from the skin.

Cloth Nappy Insert Fabrics

All in one or fitted diapers have an insert of absorbent materials to trap the moisture away from the babys skin.

The inserts are typically 2 to 4 rectangles of the absorbent fabric sewn together to form a pad that is inserted into the nappy.

  • Double sided towelling
  • Nappy flannel
  • Bamboo fabric
  • Hemp fabric

The double sided towelling and nappy flannel are probably going to be easier to find at your local fabric store whereas the bamboo and hemp fabrics will probably need to be purchased from specialist cloth diaper fabric stores..

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Making Cloth Baby Diapers

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