Making Custom Baby Bibs

Another homemade baby gift idea is making custom baby bibs. Bibs are quick and easy to make and only need a small quantity of materials so they are quite cheap to make as well.

What You Need

First you either need a pattern template for your baby bib or an old bib that you particuarly like. It might be the right shape or the right style, either way you can use the bib as a pattern template.

As for materials, you only need a small quantity of each fabric. I tend to use the scraps that I have left over from making baby cloth diapers (or nappies).

You will need two or three layers (depending on how you intend to waterproof your bibs):

  • Print or knit fabric for the outer layer
  • Waterproof fabric for the center layer
  • Plain fabric for the backing and
  • Bias binding

To make your own bibs you will need a sewing machine that is capable of straight stitching and zigzag stitching. An overlocker can be useful but not strictly necessary.

I have one but hardly ever use it (we don't get on that well) and was able to make my fitted nappies without dragging it out of the cupboard.

Step by Step Instructions

Cut out your two or three layers using your pattern template. If you are using an old bib to create a template all you need to do is to fold the bib in half lengthwise and trace around the shape on a piece of paper.

Lay out all of your custom baby bib pieces on a table or other flat surface in the following order:

  • backing fabric (with the right side down)
  • waterproofing piece
  • outer layer (with the right side up)

and pin them together. If you place the pins so that they are at a right angle to the edge of the pieces you should be able to sew straight over them.

Using an overlocking stitck or zigzag stitch sew around the edges of your pinned pieces as close to the edges as possible. Make sure that all of the pieces have been caught by the stitching on both sides and trim the edge close to the stitching.

Take the bias binding, open it and sew one edge around the outside of the bib using a straight stitch. Fold the bias binding over the edge of the bib and pin. Top stitch the bias binding all the way around the outer edge to secure the binding.

Cut another piece of bias binding long enough to go around the neck and to have two lengths on either side. Repeat the process to attach the binding around the neck. Top stitch all the way from the first tie, around the neck and to the end of the second tie and you are done.

Some Ideas for Decorating Your Custom Baby Bibs

If you want to make your baby bib stand out a bit you can add decorative touches to make it truly unique. Some simple ways to do this are to add:

  • a layer of padding and hand or machine quilting the bib
  • hand or machine embroidery on the outer layer
  • lace around the outer edge (secured under the binding)

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