How to Make a Diaper Cake

Making diaper cakes is relatively easy, anyone can do it!

Read on for instructions on how to make a diaper cake yourself.

Making the First Tier

Cut a circular shape out of your florist foam for the centre of your bottom layer and place it in the centre of a large round container.

As you can see I use a plastic cake container that is slightly smaller than the cake boards that I use as the bases I use when make a diaper cake.

The base for your diaper cake is tightly rolled disposable diapers or nappies which are placed around the florist foam in groups of three.

Each nappy is rolled from either the crotch to the waistband or from the waistband to the crotch and secured with a rubber band. Use which ever method creates the smoothest tube - it will vary depending on the brand and type of disposable nappy you decide to use.

I tend to use five groups of three around the edges of the container, with five unrolled nappies laying between the foam and the outer ring.

So 20 nappies for the base.

Once I have them arranged in the container, I put a rubber band around the whole thing to hold it together.

After removing it from the large container I place it in the centre of the cake board.

At some stage you need to fix the first tier to the cake board, I use a hot glue gun for this, but I prefer to wait until I have decorated the cake.

Depending on what you use as decorations, the centre of the borad may not be the best placement for the cake.

Making the Second Tier

The second layer is made using a smaller container and 16 nappies.

You roll the diapers or nappies in the same way you did for the first tier. This tier consists of four groups of three around the outside, and a group of four in the centre.

As with the first tier, I place an elastic band around the group of sixteen nappies to hold the tier together.

Making the Top Tier

The top layer is made using nine nappies, three in the centre and six around them to form a circle.

Place all three of your cake layers on the cake board and feed two pieces of dowel down through the layers to hold the layers steady.

This will prevent your second or top layer from sliding off the cake!

Now younow how to make a diaper cake you are ready to start decorating.

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