Premature Baby Gift Baskets

There are several things to keep in mind when you are shopping for premature baby gift baskets.

Premature BabyEven if a premature baby is reasonably heathy and able to go home from the hospital they are still typically very small, have virtually no temperature control and have very sensitive skins!

So if your basket includes clothing, make sure they are made from natural fibres like cotton or wool with either no seams at all or with seams that will not irritate the baby's paper thin skin.

Buy small

Some of the premature baby gift baskets I have reviewed have clothing in 000 sizes and while the baby will be able to wear this size eventually, most prems will swim in 000's.

My grand-daughter was only 4lbs when she was born, big for a prem but very small for a full term baby. 00000's were too big for her when she left the hospital.

To get an idea of the appropriate size for the premature baby you are trying to buy for, you can consult this sizing chart. Not many premature babies are 8kgs, so a gift basket with 000's is probably not a good option!

Helping with Temperature Control

Don't forget to include hats and socks. Premature babies will lose body heat through their heads and their feet, so a supply of hats and sock or booties will always be handy.

Generally, the simplier the garment is the better it will be for both baby and mum. Any clothing you buy will need easy access openings to make dressing and nappy changing easier for smaller babies, snaps or ties for fastening rather than buttons or zips will be more comfortable for the baby and of course, natural fibres are the best choice.

Other Gift Ideas for Premature Babies

You could also look for muslin or cotton wraps and muslin cloths instead of flannels for bathing.

Most toys are going to be too big for a premature baby, but premature babies respond to stimuli just like all babies do, so you could check out mobiles, music cd's, play mat toys etc. The baby might not be able to interact with them for a while, but he or she will like the colours, movement and sounds.

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