Making Sock Roses

Sock roses are easy to make and have numerous uses.

A single rose makes a great Boutonniere for any Dads that are attending a baby shower, just don't forget to collect them for the new mum before everyone goes home!

Or you can use single roses to decorate a baby gift basket or a nappy or diaper cake.

Or you can make a bouquet of roses as a gift in its own right!

What you need

  • Baby socks in pastel colours
  • Florist tape (green is good!)
  • Florists wire or green pipe cleaners for the stems
  • Artifical foilage
  • A muslim wrap (if you are making a bouquet)
  • Ribbons and bows

How to make a sock rose

Take a single sock and roll from the toe to the top.

When you reach the end you can either flip the top over the roll (like you do when you are rolling socks from the laundry) or if you prefer, you can leave the end laying flat against the side of the rose.

Insert the pipe cleaner in the end of the rose and pinch the fabric at the base of your rose with your fingers.

Wind the florist tape around the sock just above and down the pipe cleaner.

This will attach the pipe cleaner to the 'bud' and make your sock look like a rose bud.

If you want to add leaves, place them on the stem (pipe cleaner) where you want them and wind down and over the leaf stem with the florist tape.

To make a bouquet, fold your muslim warp into a square shape and arrange your roses diagonally.

Pull the two corners together around the roses and secure with your choice of ribbons.

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