Diaper Cake Directions - Decorating Your Diaper Cake

If you have followed the diaper cake directions on my how to make a diaper cake page, you now have three layers of rolled disposable diapers or nappies arranged in the shape of a cake and you are ready to start the decorating!

Cake Decorating Ideas

If you want to keep your cake simple, you can add ribbon around each layer with a nice bow and leave it at that. For a more complex cake, your options are virtually endless.

For example you can wrap a fleece blanket or a muslin wrap around one or more of your layers, add a soft toy as a topper for you cake or add flowers to decorate each layer.

Choose Your Colour or Theme

Nappy Cakes tend to come in all shapes, sizes and colour.

There are the traditional colours like pink, baby blue, cream or lemon, but you also see some magnificent cakes in yellow, green or purple.

Admittedly most are pastels colours but I have seen more than one made in a striking colour like burgandy or red.

The choice of colour is entirely up to you, but if you are planning to make your cake fit a theme then the colour should at least tone with the other items you use to decorate the cake.

Do You Like Ribbons and Bows?

Blue Nappy Cake Some of the nappy cakes I have seen are just decorated with ribbons and matching bows.

You can pick up fairly cheap ribbons at your local discount or haberdashery stores.

Personally I like the ribbons with wire on the edges because they hold their shape when you make bows, but you could use satin or organza ribbon or if you have a floral supplies store nearby, you could try florist's ribbon.

Using Wraps or Blankets

Wraps or fleece blankets are a quick and easy way to decorate your cake.

All you need to do is to fold the wrap so that it is the same depth as one of the tiers on your cake, wrap it around the nappies and secure with a couple of pins.

Adding a wrap effectively hides the nappies and makes your cake look more like an iced cake. You can add ribbons and bows over the top of the wrap for further decoration.

How About Adding Sock Roses?

Some people decorate their nappy cakes with artifical flowers.

While they look great, once the cake is dismantled the flowers are no longer much use for anything as the stems are usually removed when they are placed on the cake.

If you want to add flowers but would like to have decorations that can still be used afterwards, you could make sock roses instead of using silk flowers.

They are easy to make, look good and can be put to good use after the cake has been pulled to bits!

Looking for a Nappy Cake You Can Buy?

Ebay is a good source of handmade baby gifts, including nappy cakes. Even if you want to make your own, browsing through the offerings on eBay can give you some ideas on how to decorate your cake.

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